A shop by players for players

All our games are stories waiting to be played. Whether you want to compete or cooperate Good Game is the place for you. We hope to see you and most of all we hope you have fun.

Space to Play

At Good Game our tables are never for rent. We have open copies of almost all our games so that people can play or learn as they see fit. Our tables are large enough to be able to host any size war game. Best of all of our staff are passionate gamers so there is NEVER a shortage of someone to play with!

Family and Friends

Part of the reason we are so passionate about board games is their demonstrable benefits for young kids. Not only do they improve math, decision making and critical thinking skills, they also improve their social skills dramatically. over our first two and a half years we have seen countless kids come out of their shells and make new friends because these games bring people together and create new friendships. This can be extended to the home as a family activity to bring parents closer to their kids.

Competitions and Tourneys

Good Game is a certified "Advanced" level Wizards of the Coast store. That means we are able to host a variety of sanctioned Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons tournaments and events. We also have tournaments for Every Fantasy Flight Games title and a variety of lesser known but equally deserving games! If you have a competitive itch, we can scratch it!


Here at Good Game we are all about imagination and community. We want to be a haven for hobby gamers and role-players, where like-minded, tolerant people can get together for an afternoon of good gaming. Whether you want to lead an army of superhuman space soldiers or sneak into a dragons den to steal her horde, you can always find people to share the experience with at Good Game.

Our Team

Zaid Al-Khalid

Ever Since I was 9 Years old I have been playing Card games and board games. I love the sense of strategy and skill in games. But I especially love the fact that games were always a reason for my friends to get together in the same place and spend hours together playing laughing and catching up. Now that’s what I do every day for a living!

Mohammad "Hamood" Alkhateeb

I worked at Good Game way before I actually worked at Good Game. Way before I joined I was actively promoting the shop, and that's because it was clear even at that point that this was not just a shop, but a community where wayward geeks that once thought they where alone in Kuwait, finally find their own kind and kin. I work at Good Game because I can't think of a better job to have or a better place to be.

Ahmad Bourki

When I first found out about Good Game, I was shocked. It was everything I enjoyed in one place. From day one I was surrounded by great people who treat me like family. Since then I was committed to helping this great place grow bigger and bigger. Working at Good Game is one of the best decisions I made in my life.

goodgame community at entrance

Join The Community

Join us and get to know our wonderful community members. Our community goes beyond games as we value friendships and meeting new people. By visiting our shops you benefit in many ways:

  • Find high quality games
  • Learn and develop your gaming skills with experts and competition winners
  • Get help in building your perfect card deck or setup your favorite model
  • Meet our wonderful community members

Our Partners

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