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I posted first! Teehee. Goodluck on the FNM guys

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This one works fine on chrome

This one works fine on chrome but on firefox the forum looks broken. Does anyone else encounter the same ?

Without using a spread,

 Without using a spread, the only way to make that bet would be to sell a  professional  assignment writers  strike call option. In order to sell a naked call you have to authorized by your broker. Most brokers have multiple authorization levels for options trading, and authorization to sell a naked call is the most difficult authorization level to get.    

Without Wasting your Time

Mostly students in past tries manythings for their future without wasting their time, but new generation students doesn't have that spark in them, new generation students waste their valuable time while using deifferent social media sites.. Even they don't be able to complete their assignment and then request to writers to do my assignment for me

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